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good evening. welcome back. we are on tonight instead of nightly news because of notre dame football. president obama is making an historic trip to asia this weekend. headed to a summit to strengthen relations with america's allies. monday the first sitting u.s. president to visit myanmar. brian moore has the story.
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>> randy: president obama took off for asia on his first overseas trip since winning re-election. attending a summit in cambodia and stopping in myanmar where he will meet opposition leader and fellow nobel laureate . >> i think we are one step short of an all out ground operation in gaza. >> israel, and deadly attacks on hamas. the president is trying to make peace with congressional republicans at home. they have until december 31st to compromise on tax cuts and spending. or risk taking the nation over the fiscal cliff that could imperil the economy. meanwhile, law makers are waging partisan battles over u.n. ambassador susan wright. whether it makes her unfit to serve as secretary of state.
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hearings, brought david petraeus out of seclusion. he wasn't talking about the sex scandal that is sending shock waves through the capital. for the president, post election trip, but no vocation after a busy week. brian mohr, nbc news, washington. >> in the bay area, a storm headed our way. right now. for the latest. we want to check in with rob. >> we are watching the rain. flig ma flying mainly to the north of the golden gate bridge. north bay. marin. along highway 101. seeing the rain there. back out to the coast. out towards bodega bay. and moderate rain coming in. not quite down to the golden gate or downtown san francisco. within the next hour. we'll see the cyst,000 tell moving on. fairly fast moving. until it gets to the south bay. hour by hour. 6:00 right now. sure enough. rain in north bay. by 7:00. starting to spill into san francisco. and oakland. later or in the evening.
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heading into san jose. for san jose, state spartans game. byu. increasing rain as the game goes on. and you can see the rain leaving the south way. >> thank you, rob. high wind, waves, caused problem for a surfer at ocean beach this morning. a call went out for help. two surfers, wiped out near the cliff house. one didn't make it back to shore. and the coast guard responded. they found a surfer, clinging to rock nearby. the surf was, 5, 6 foot. the surfer did jump off the rock. swam to the coast guard boat. he wasn't in serious distress. other than losing the board and climbing on the rock. and basically, it is a rescue at that point. >> the surfer reportedly only surfed at ocean beach. a few times. examined by meddings and
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released. a san francisco deputy accused of felony bank robbery has been released on bail. arrested yesterday morning in connection with the november 7th robbery at a bank on balboa street. allegedly handed a teller a note. demanding money. the,000 teller handed over $1,700 in cash. police say they identified tsong using surveillance and fingerprints. charged with two felonies. tsong is suspended. on unpaid leave. deputy recently filed for bankruptcy. police are looking for a man connected to an officer involved shooting in san jose. one of two who allegedly robbed four businesses at gun point in south san jose last night. an officer spotted the suspect vehicle driving on 101, after a short pursuit. police say the driver pulled over. and then, opened fire. on the officer. front windshield, side window.
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one of the round, struck the canister. exploded that. contaminated with pepper spray. the officer was fortunate. to escape with his life. >> the officer suffered minor injuries. both men fled the scene. caught one suspect nearby. they belief he was the gunman. he was taken to the hospital. treat ford a gunshot wound and taken into custody. the other robber is still on the loose. should be kidded armed aconside dangerous. >> two rape cases within 24 hours. a woman assaulted visiting a friend at a low cucal car shop. the suspect is at large. second assault wednesday morning. a 911 call from a woman, who was kidnapped and raped. the suspect charged wit,000 felonies including one count of forcible rape with special circumstances.
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a 14-year-old boy accused of violence, sexual assault on a woman old enough to be his grandmother charged as an assault. the district attorney says the 14-year-old, faces charges off tempted murder, robbery and kidnapping. police say, he kidnapped the woman at one point in a parking lot at a shopping center, 5:00 thursday evening. he allegedly forced her to drive to a location. he sexually assaulted her. bound her with duct tape and dumped her on the side of the road. they're taking steps to protect themselves. >> you wait around for the police and they might get there after the fact. >> so people going to have to start packing. >> during the two-hour ordeal, police say the teenager used the victim's cell fen to call her family and demand ransom which was not paid. the 65-year-old woman suffered serious injuries recovering at the hospital. the 14-year-old boy is due in
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court to face charges on monday. so was it all just a big mistake president? question asked this morning after a southern california man was arrested at the oakland airport. here's of what happened. thursday night. jeffrey mcgann was about to board a flight to l.a. police say mcgann was going through security when a federal agent saw what he believed was a suspicious device. the device a watch that apparently looked look a timing device for an explosive. the bomb squad was called in. determined it was not a threat. he came into the airport wearing a watch that had a toggle switch, it had fuses, it had a circuit board, and also had wires protruding from it. >> that is not all. police also say mcgann was wearing boots that were two sizes too dig with a secret compartment carved in the middle of the shoe. he is being charged with
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possession of material to make a destructive device. but his friend say it is all a misunderstanding. and that mcgann is simply a unique artist. coming up next, a particularly tough week for a popular bay area comedian. first an arrest in oakland. now, thousand of fans are demanding a refund after a bizarre and short show at oracle arena last night. we'll explain that. plus, you will be hard pressed to find any hostess brand products on store shelves right now. news of the company closing down, sent hostess sweet tooths out for a last taste.
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remember, the premium is just $15 a month. don't wait. open enrollment ends december 7th. aarp medicarerx saver plus. call now or visit your local walgreens for more information. angry fans are demanding a refund after cat williams bizarre show. williams started his show about an hour late. rambled on, didn't tell any jokes. ten minutes later his security officers dragged hem oim off th stage. essentially the end of the show.
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the comedian was arrested in oakland on suspicion of assault after allegedly hitting the man in a head with a bottle. earlier williams had a skon froskon -- confrontation with a heckler and sued by an assistant. he will perform tonight as planned in fresno. contra costa resident were treated to a free one stop emergency preparedness expo today. the event offered information, demonstrations and tips. to help prepare for earthquakes, fires and disasters. >> it is if, but when. it is so important to be prepared. doesn't mean they have haefrg thhaefrg -- doesn't mean they have everything they need. >> participating in the event sponsored by chevron. right now check in with the weather. there is the storm coming in. going to be a crazy couple days. >> does look that way. here and in the sierras. changes. snow up there, near 7,000 feet. as of this hour. dropping quickly later tonight.
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right now see the rain, aiming in on santa rosa. petaluma quickly moving into marin county here. within the next half-hour, hour. spilling toward san francisco. quieted down in the south bay. breezy, partly cloudy, san jose. main rain event coming in. two, three hours. the sierra. highway 50. interstate 80. snow levels. 7,000 feet. winter storm warning. snow levels, 6,000 feet. mid tomorrow morning. some of the snow on the higher peaks. yosemite. and this evening. main, heaviest rain for parts of the central bay. should be 7:00. 9:00. 11:00. moderate rain. moving through fairly quickly. we go through the day sunday. may see lingering showers around some of coastal hill tops around the south bay. just mixed cloud going through. and things actually starting to dry out, we head toward the evening. rain totals next 24 hours. looking at probably, a quarter
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inch to a third inch in the north bay hills. and santa cruz mountains. more rain. rain shower effect. we see. a lot of moisture in the santa cruz mountains. seeing three times as much ran. san jose. this case, looks like we will see therd a third of an inch. jet stream, sunday. change. monday. tuesday. stormy pattern. notice where the bay air yeas. jet stream starting to move to the north. so just going to be a very interesting change. we see early next week. half of the bay area will see an ongoing chance of rain. north of san rafael. areas south of san francisco. may see temperatures approaching 70 by tuesday. hour by hour, temperatures tomorrow. 40s, 50s for the morning. just like today. looking at highs in the upper 50s. 60s. 3:00, 4:00. three day forecast out of the weekend. rain to start. mainly in the south bay. the rain transitions into the north bay. far north bay, monday. moving into the rest of the bay area tuesday evening. now the get away day. wednesday. looks look we are going to have
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to deal with rain. some of the places impacted if we get the rain coming back in. sfo for arriving flights. and the roadways looking wed for wednesday. thanksgiving day. friday, saturday. looks pretty good. so, the timing, worked out pretty well. except for wednesday. going to have rain, middle part of the week. thanksgiving holiday. day after. looks dry. one more round coming through tonight. tomorrow afternoon. for the bay area looking drier. >> all right. thank you, rob. news of that decision to close the hostess company start a stampede for twinkies, hoho send and hostess products. >> the last twinkie on the shelf tonight at hostest bakery outlet in burbank. shelves picked clean in a sugar rush. she hasn't had her first twinkie. hoping to get one before they're gone. >> get a big delight in every bite of hostess twinkies. >> 82 years of sugary treats,
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the famous product, in chicago. >> been coming to the store, since a kid. like these snacks i love them. >> to night customers prepare for what may beat end of the road. >> bought 22 boxes of hostess products. so, we should not run out. >> products popped up on e-bay with prices as high as $1,500. in the south, calls came in early this morning. >> 8:00, doors opened. guests coming in asking for hostess twinkies. specifically. >> margaret, sought out wonder bread and biscuit mix tonight. >> had to rush over. wanted to make sure i got some stuff. >> customers grabbing their last bites of the spongy snack and thinking of thousand. >> bad time of the season. before the holidays. lost my job. i know what they're going to be going through. >> several companies are expected to buy some of the brand. so it is possible, hohos won't
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go away forever. up next, air traffic control. teed e tested in the bay area. how it could lead to the next generation of saber terrorism. -- generation of cyberterrorism.
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what do you get for $4 billion. the federal government says a new air traffic control system that will change the way people fly. it is supposed to save people time and improve safety. the nbc bay air investigative unit has discovered some serious flaws in that technology. if the problems are not fixed it could create security and concern at airports around the country. >> you are watching, real-time video of an airplane final approach at san francisco international airport. the coordinates are real. the landing pattern real. as are all the airplanes, flying alongside in front of or behind
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the plane you are watching. the only trouble, the plane you are watching land is not real. it is a ghost airplane. inserted into a real-time actual air traffic pattern, by computer hackers. >> you see all of it including the ones flying around. >> nick foster, created the demonstration of what a computer hacker look himself could do to disrupt air traffic at may jr. airports around the country. >> we can prove without actually inject things into the air traffic control system t it is pis -- traffic control system. >> the new system called next gen is to become fully operational by 2020. a complex system, of air traffic control that will use satellite based technology similar to the gps you use in your car. rather than the current ground based radar tracking system. the more efficiently and safely control traffic in the air, through out the united states. next gen is already being used
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on a trial base ills here is hey area. and the faa chairman sold off the technology. >> there are things we are doing that are improving the use of the airspace. that will result in -- a lot of benefit. right away. >> what we are going to be able to do is make remarkable changes in the airspace here that will benefit the nation. >> of while the benefits of the technological changes may come in time, several different sources worry about security flaws now. >> nick foster says the same technology that allows anyone with a receiver or a smart phone to track planes in the air, also can make this next gen cyst,000 tell vulnerable. >> i am not the only one out there that has access to the information. far from the only one that has the skills. so in that sense that is very concerning. because i would look to kbe one
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of the good guys. foster teamed with the canadian, brad haynes to create this a demonstration of next gen vulnerability for an underground hacking conference. >> started doing research. to prove to myself it was safe. and so far, failed miserably. >> he talked to us from his home in alberta, canada. they publicly showed the hacking dem mon straegs to call attention to what triftd might do and prompt the faa to fix the problem before next gen become fully operational. >> the hacker, unauthenticated. this is where it starts getting concerning. because the the extra, pop up on air traffic controller's display. what are they going to do. >> it isn't just computer hackers who are concerned. this 45-page, graduate research project. by major donald mccally at department of air force, air
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university, outlines the very same security vulnerabilities, that haynes and foster demonstrated for us. a project goes on to show how terrorists, sitting in vans near major airports could seriously disrupt the entire nation's air traffic, and even jeopardize air safety by inserting ghost planes into the system. this research. published this fall in the journal of aviation and aerospace perspective. which demonstrates, in startling,000 startling detail. how some one can inject, ghost airplanes all over the country. >> our committee, evaluates the progress and we would have to give it a b minus. >> congressman. john mica of orlando. chairs the house transportation committee. overseeing the faa and its implementation of next gen. >> we have to have a sound system and it has to be secure. >> he is not pleased with the progress of next gen. >> every day is a new adventure.
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hackers and people are trying to enter the cyst,000 tesystem. cybersecurity breaches. a con tastant process you have be one step ahead of the bad guys on. so that is a threat. >> the faa maintains that the threat to the new next gen system is no different or greater than threats to the current ground radar based system. while, faa officials would not discuss thisser to eissue on c. it read in part, the faa has the a thorough process in mraps pla. identifying and mitigating possible risks such as intentional jamming. the airbags -- is based on redundancies. we will be right back with more news.
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have you ever noticed how kids are more excited about the box and packaging than what is
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inside. as nbc's correspondent reports, an ohio teacher was surprised by what happened, when he removed toys from the classroom. teacher pete kazer was inspired by his students to try something different. he removed all of the toysing m it with cardboard boxes. >> not one of them cull plaompl about not having toys. >> cager says the kids came up with ideas what to build. to a >> teachers help with cutting the cardboard. idea of building the pirate ship, an igloo, and hotel was all there is. every kit has their favorite. >> what is your favorite? >> pirates. >> cager has been doing this for about a week and started to see behavioral changes in some of his kids. >> kids do have trouble
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separating from their parents in the morning. or, juster in the classroom. seeing them become leaders and seeing them grow. >> not all about racing marbles, the teachers say they're learn morgue than just playing with boxes. >> there are negotiations when one person says it is a hotel. someone else says it is the rocket ship. being able to solve those problems and also being flexible. >> cager says he will continue with this until the kids get bored. so the next team your child wants the latest toy. and maybe you should just give them the box and let them be creative. any parent knows that. the teacher also says the girls have just as much fun, building things, in the new classroom as the boys. it happens all the time. buy the expensive gift. and thanks for watching nbc bay area news. we do have more news straight ahead. stick around.
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